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Ucredo requires students to upload their credentials in both the original language of issue and translated in English. If don’t have an official translation of your documents in English, you may obtain a translation on your own from a licensed translator, or you can obtain one from us. You can find more details on our services page.

Secondary education

Certificate of General Secondary Education (Атэстат аб агульнай сярэдняй адукацыі) OR

Professional school diploma (Дыплом) AND Supplement to the Diploma (Дадатак да дыплома)

Higher education

Academic Record (акадэмічная даведка)

If degree is completed, also submit:

Diploma (Дыплом) AND Supplement to the Diploma (Дадатак да дыплома)

Note: All submitted documents are subject to verification. All applicants must adhere to Ucredo’s terms and conditions.